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Microsoft Translation Language Supports Manipuri

Last Updated on January 26, 2024 by SPN Editor

Microsoft has recently expanded its language support by adding Manipuri as a translation language, as announced by Microsoft India on January 25, 2024. This move is part of Microsoft’s commitment to linguistic diversity in India, with the addition of Chhattisgarhi and Manipuri bringing the total number of officially supported Indian languages to 20. This comprehensive language coverage now caters to over 95% of the country’s population, showcasing Microsoft’s dedication to making technology accessible to all.

Manipuri, spoken by approximately 3 million people in Manipur and by communities in Assam, Tripura, parts of Bangladesh, and Myanmar, is now integrated into Microsoft Translator. This translation tool utilizes deep neural networks, a form of artificial intelligence capable of learning from vast amounts of data. This technology enables Microsoft Translator to provide accurate and natural-sounding translations by capturing the nuances and contexts of different languages.

The Meitei language, also referred to as Manipuri, is among the most ancient languages globally. Its earliest documented usage traces back to 1445 BC, approximately 3500 years ago.

Microsoft Translator goes beyond simple translation; it also supports transliteration, allowing users to convert text from one script to another. This feature empowers users to read and write in their preferred language, further emphasizing Microsoft’s commitment to supporting linguistic diversity in India through innovative language technologies and solutions.

For those wondering about the integration of Manipuri in other Microsoft products like Office 365 and Teams, the answer is affirmative. Microsoft Office 365 offers Language Accessory Packs that provide additional display, help, and proofing tools. Users can install these packs after installing Microsoft 365, and while some parts may still display in the language of the original copy, these packs significantly enhance language support.

Regarding Microsoft Teams, it’s worth noting that as of the last update in 2021, Teams already supported eight Indian languages. These included Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Tamil, Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada, and Malayalam. While Manipuri may not have been explicitly mentioned in this list, the continuous expansion of language support by Microsoft suggests a positive trajectory for future integrations.

How to Install Manipuri Language Pack?

For those eager to install the Manipuri language pack for Office 365, the process is straightforward:

Download the desired language pack from the Microsoft website or Office 365 Content Delivery Network (Office CDN) on your device.
Open a Microsoft Office application.
Navigate to File > Options > Language.
Select the desired Editing and Proofing languages.
Restart any open Office applications.

It’s essential to note that if Microsoft 365 was installed by your organization, contacting the IT department may be necessary for language pack installations. Administrators may also have additional steps to follow in the installation process. This user-friendly approach by Microsoft ensures that individuals and organizations can seamlessly integrate Manipuri and other languages into their Microsoft software for a more inclusive and accessible user experience.

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