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MPCB to enforce ban on single use plastics

Last Updated on March 22, 2023 by SPN Editor

The Manipur Pollution Control Board (MPCB) is taking a step forward in its fight against pollution by enforcing a ban on single use plastics below 120 micron and plastic water bottles below one liter after March 30.

This comes after the State Cabinet passed a resolution to ban these single use plastics, which are still being sold and used throughout the State.

MPCB Chairman Dr. Usham Deben has warned that legal action will be taken against anyone found selling or using these banned single use plastics. However, plastics above 120 micron can still be used without restriction. Deben has appealed to all concerned to stop selling single use plastics below 120 micron.

The MPCB is also cracking down on noise pollution by banning modifications to silencers on bikes and two-wheelers to make them louder. This will take effect after March 30, and those caught violating the ban will be subject to legal action.

Additionally, all brick firms, stone crushers, rice mills, sawmills, hospitals, healthcare centers, hotels, motor garages, and packaged drinking water factories must submit relevant documents and certificates to the MPCB by March 30. The MPCB will soon verify the No Objection Certificates held by these units.

single use plastics
Dr. Usham Deben to curb single use plastics.

The MPCB has opened 75 water quality monitoring stations to regularly monitor the quality of water, including that of Loktak Lake and rivers. It has also opened air quality monitoring stations at 12 places to monitor air quality.

The Government is working to recruit 36 air quality monitoring staff, and air quality monitoring stations will be opened at various locations.

The MPCB is currently facing a shortage of staff, but more than 70 staff will soon be recruited as regular appointments. However, the MPCB alone cannot control pollution in the State. Everyone must shoulder due responsibility to control pollution and protect the environment.

The MPCB Chairman has appealed to farmers to stop burning paddy stalks after harvesting paddy, which causes air pollution, and to dispose of used plastics at proper places.