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Squanch Games drops teaser for High on Life DLC: Get ready to be spooked

Last Updated on April 1, 2023 by SPN Editor

Fans of the zany first-person shooter High on Life may have something to look forward to soon, as developer Squanch Games has dropped a short teaser for an upcoming DLC or update.

The teaser is titled High on Knife, and although it’s not yet clear whether this will be a paid DLC expansion or a free content update, Squanch Games has confirmed that it’s coming soon.

The teaser shows the title High on Knife written in what appears to be blood, with some spilling from an unknown source off-camera. Although this gives little away about the content of the update, the fact that it’s horror-themed has been widely speculated.

However, given that High on Life is known for its absurd jokes, it’s likely that any new content will be more focused on laughs than scares.

Previous updates to High on Life have included fixes and new graphics options, but this tease strongly suggests that the upcoming DLC or update will add something new to the experience. It could even be tonally different from what the rest of the game currently offers.

High on Life
High on Life game.

Squanch Games has a history of fixing issues and bugs in High on Life, with recent updates resolving problems with achievements and adding new quality modes for Xbox Series X|S. Patch 4, for example, fixed the Eye Scream, You Scream and Mods Please Ban achievements, which had tracking issues and spawned certain enemies incorrectly.

The patch also resolved a save game compatibility issue that was preventing progress on unlocking some achievements and hunter challenges.

One of the best games on Game Pass, High on Life has built up a strong fanbase, and the announcement of new content is sure to be eagerly anticipated.

Whether the upcoming DLC or update will be a paid expansion or a free update remains to be seen, but given Squanch Games’ commitment to its community, it’s likely that the new content will be well worth the investment.