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MPCC President Questions BJP Manipur President A Sharda’s Misunderstanding Alibi

Last Updated on October 23, 2023 by SPN Editor

Imphal/October 23, 2023 (SPN) | The Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) President K Meghachandra has questioned A Sharda, the BJP Manipur President, about the ‘misunderstanding’ Alibi on Kuki MLAs’ demand for Separate Administration.

While speaking to the media at his Babupara quarters yesterday, MPCC president K Meghachandra called upon the BJP Government to focus its efforts on resolving the prolonged Manipur crisis instead of making unfounded allegations against the Congress party.

Meghachandra highlighted that the people of Manipur, including civil society organizations and the ten Opposition parties, are well aware that the ongoing violence in Manipur is primarily the result of misgovernance and the failure of the BJP Government to promptly address the issue.

He expressed bewilderment at the absence of Kuki MLAs, including two Cabinet Ministers, from both Cabinet meetings in Imphal and a public function in Ukhrul. While their absence from Cabinet meetings in Imphal could be understood, Meghachandra questioned why they did not attend the Cabinet meeting in Ukhrul.

The fact that all 10 Kuki MLAs, hailing from the BJP and allied parties supporting the BJP Government, appended their signatures to a memorandum demanding separate administration from the Government of India is widely known, as mentioned by the MPCC president.

Despite the unequivocal endorsement of this demand by the Kuki MLAs in the memorandum submitted to the Prime Minister and the Union Home Minister, the BJP Manipur Pradesh is now asserting that the demand for Separate Administration arose from a mere ‘misunderstanding.’ The MPCC president regarded this claim as exceedingly absurd.

He further remarked that, in an attempt to conceal the truth, the BJP Government has resorted to an array of deceptive tactics, telling numerous falsehoods to cover up their initial misrepresentation.

Furthermore, Meghachandra pointed out that some state security forces, dispatched to quell violence in Moreh, have been unable to reach the border town. He attributed the prolonged crisis in the state to the BJP Government.

He urged the government to take decisive political action rather than shifting blame onto opposition parties. He highlighted the lack of effective governance in the state and its dire financial situation over the past six months.

Meghachandra expressed concern about rising criminal activities in the state due to the BJP Government’s inability to maintain law and order. He noted incidents of citizens being assaulted and shot and rampant human rights violations.

He called on the government to take concrete measures to restore order and pleaded for lasting peace, emphasizing the need for consultation with the Prime Minister.

Citing media reports about the construction of new bunkers by Kuki groups in hill ranges overlooking valley districts, Meghachandra underscored that peace remains elusive in the state.

He questioned whether the Defence Minister had taken any meaningful actions following his assurance to eradicate poppy plantations in the state.

Decrying the Prime Minister’s apparent disregard for the suffering of over 60,000 people who have been residing in relief camps for the past six months, Meghachandra called upon the Chief Minister and Cabinet Ministers to visit Delhi, meet the Prime Minister, and urgently address the Manipur crisis.