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Telangana man hiding for 9 years arrested from Kairang Chingya

Last Updated on February 17, 2023 by SPN Editor

Heingang police station team arrested an illegal migrant from Telangana, who had been hiding for the last nine years without an Inner line permit by marrying a local girl from Kairang Chingya, Imphal East district on Thursday.

The arrested person has been identified as one Rihan Khan, 45, son of late Md Abdulla Khan of Dyancharam, KV, Telangana. Police reported that Rihan has been hiding at Kairang Chingya, Imphal East without possessing any ILP permit or relevant documents.

Rihan Khan, however, had married a local girl, Saniya Choudary, 30, daughter of Fazal Choudary from Kairang Chingya.

Rihan was detected by Heingang police during an ILP drive conducted in the Kairang Chingya area. As Rihan failed to produce an ILP permit or any relevant documents, the police team arrested Rihan under section 3 of Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation, 1973.

Rihan Khan was produced before the court on the same day. The court sentenced Rihan to pay a sum of Rs 1,000 and the investigating officer concerned was instructed to deport the illegal immigrant from the state.

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The arrest of Rihan Khan from Kairang Chingya came just two days after the arrest of one Myanmar national who was using the Aadhaar card of a deceased person.

Day after Myanmar national was arrested, another man from Telangana was found hiding in Kairang Chingya of Manipur.
Myanmar national using Aadhaar card of a deceased person in Manipur

Manipur CM N Biren uploaded the grave danger of assisting the illegal influx of locals to stay in Manipur on his Facebook. “OUR GENERATION HAS BEEN THREATENED BY OUR OWN PEOPLE WHO ARE BRINGING ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS INTO OUR STATE.
AR and Police have arrested two persons, one on the charge of being a Myanmar National namely, Haokholal (38) s/o Thongkhothang of Myanmar, and another person who is an Indian citizen, namely Letminthang Baite (30) s/o L. Ngamlet Baite of Charongching Village, Chandel District on the charge of assisting the Myanmar National in entering India from Kheljang Village (under Chakpikarong PS).
On preliminary investigations by Chandel District Police, it has been established that the accused person, namely Holkholal (38) S/o Thongkhothang of Khengjang village, Chandel District is an imposter and his real name is Lenkhenmang Mate (26) S/o Doujatong Mate of Tuivang village in Myanmar.

He was impersonating and possessing an Aadhaar card of a deceased person who had passed away in 2019, namely Late Holkholal (38) S/o Tongkhothang of Khengjang village, Chandel District for cross-border trading/businesses.

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At least two people from Khuljang Road near Chakpikarong, Chandel District, including a Myanmar national, were arrested for impersonating and using a dead person’s Aadhaar and another for helping the illegal immigrant enter India.”

On Monday, a team of 37 Assam rifles from Shalluk in the Chakpikarong subdivision handed them to the Chakpikarong Police Station. The incident comes in the wake of a massive police campaign to control illegal immigrants in the state.

Deputy Inspector General of Police (Intelligence) (Range II), Ningshen Worngam, told media at the officers’ club, 1st Manipur Rifles, Babupara on Wednesday that during the preliminary investigation by Chandel District Police it was discovered that Lenkhenmang had an Aadhaar card called Holcholal. , 38, son of Tongkhotahang from Khengjang City, Chandel District, which was not his real name.

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Ningshen said that Holkholal had died in May 2019 and that Lenkhenmang posed as Holkholal by possessing the deceased person’s Aadhaar card to assist him in his illegal trade or border business.

One case was registered at the Chakpikarong Police Station and the two people were arrested under the relevant sections of the IPC and the Foreign Affairs Act. The two accused were taken into police custody for 8 days after being brought before the CJM, Chandel added.

Ningshen urged all citizens not to help or encourage illegal immigrants to enter Manipur or India illegally. Such instigation or aid is a crime under the laws of the country, he said.

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Responding to the media, Ningshen said the international border fence was maintained at 34 border posts. Upon completion of the fencing works, state police personnel will be deployed to check the entry of illegal influxes, the official added.

He said a mass verification campaign to detect illegal immigrants in the state in border areas is underway and tenant verification will also take place statewide.

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