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YPPM urges Speaker to summon Amar Yumnam and Sadananda Sahoo

Last Updated on February 17, 2023 by SPN Editor

The Youth for Peace and Progress Manipur (YPPM) writes to Speaker Y Khemchand Singh to summon Prof Amar Yumnam and Dr Sadananda Sahoo in the Manipur Legislative Assembly to make them expunge the distorted contents from the controversial thesis and tender apology to the public through Manipur
Legislative Assembly.

Co-Convenor of YPPM, Jurist Khumancha said that a thesis titled “Socio Economic roots of Insurgency in North East India” supervised by Prof. Amar Yumnam and Dr. Sadananda Sahoo has contents with potential to disturb the peace and progress of Manipur with many distorted facts about the history of Manipur which includes an assertion of merger of Manipur to India in 1949 being only for 700 square miles implying that Manipur which is a recognised state of India comprises of valley districts only.

This distorted facts in the thesis, which is also published as a book, is being widely used by individuals and organisations to justify their actions of poisoning the minds of many innocent youths of Manipur especially from hill areas that they never belonged to Manipur thereby sowing seeds for disintegrating Manipur.

YPPM further said that the distorted facts about the history of Manipur in the thesis and the published book is against the spirit of the various resolutions taken by the Manipur Legislative Assembly to safeguard the territorial integrity of Manipur for preserving the centuries old unity of people of Manipur.

Such a distorted facts of the thesis in the form of published book will remain as as a Sword of Democles threatening the unity and integrity of Manipur for years to come unless timely corrective measures are taken.

The the efforts of YPPM and other various organisations making the thesis supervisors to take corrective actions by expunging the distorted facts history from the thesis has failed because of the adamant and irresponsible attitude of the supervisors especially by Prof. Amar Yumnam who has acted like an Ostrich burying head in the sand.

YPPM is convinced that the thesis supervisors must be summoned by the Speaker and make them take corrective actions to expunge the distorted historical facts from the thesis as well as the book and tender apology to the public through Manipur Legislative Assembly.