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Biden Announces Re-Election Bid in 2024, Vows to Protect American Liberties

Last Updated on September 11, 2023 by SPN Editor

Washington (SPN) | US President Joe Biden announces re-election bid for the 2024 elections officially on Tuesday, with a focus on protecting American liberties from those associated with former President Donald Trump.

In a video released by his campaign team, Biden criticized Republican platforms and “MAGA” as threats to American freedoms.

Biden Takes Aim at Republican Platforms and MAGA

Biden’s campaign video began with images of the January 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol by Trump supporters. He underscored the significance of safeguarding democracy and censured the conduct of individuals who endeavor to erode it.

Additionally, the President targeted Republican agendas, highlighting that they jeopardize the right to vote, civil liberties, and impartial administration of justice.

In addition, Biden called out “MAGA supporters” and their role in spreading misinformation and hate. He stressed the need to fight against white supremacy and domestic terrorism. The President’s announcement marks the start of what is sure to be a heated political race.

Biden Must Address Age Concerns to Win Re-Election

Even though the approval rating of Biden is relatively low, he maintains his confidence in being able to defeat Trump again, leading 43% to 38% among registered voters in a recent poll. Nevertheless, he needs to address concerns about his age to secure his re-election bid. 44% of Democrats believe that he is too old to run as per a Reuters/lpsos poll recently.

80 years old Biden is the oldest person ever elected to the presidency. This further emphasizes the need to address concerns about his age for his re-election campaign.

He has faced criticism for his occasional gaffes and struggles to speak coherently. However, his supporters argue that his experience and steady leadership are what America needs in these turbulent times.

Biden’s Accomplishments and Challenges in Office

During his time in office, Biden has approved billions of dollars for tackling the COVID-19 pandemic, invested in new infrastructure, and overseen the lowest unemployment levels since 1969. His administration has also made progress on climate change, racial equity, and immigration reform.

However, Biden’s economic record has been marred by 40-year inflation highs. The rising cost of goods and services has put a strain on American households, and some worry that it could hurt Biden’s chances of re-election.

Kamala Harris’s support will power Biden in the campaign

Vice President Kamala Harris will join Biden in his 2024 campaign, according to sources. Many see Harris as a rising star within the Democratic Party. They are also considering her as a potential future presidential candidate after Biden.

Biden is unlikely to face significant competition from within his party, but he will have to fend off Republican contenders like Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Their campaigns focus on cutting government spending, restricting abortion, addressing crime in Democratic-run cities, and tackling illegal immigration.

Biden’s re-election bid comes with many challenges, including his age, his economic record, and a polarized political landscape. However, the President remains committed to protecting American liberties and defending democracy.

The forthcoming 2024 election is sure to be a closely watched and hotly contested battle in the history of the White House.

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