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Laifamlen Must Be Protected – MP Sanajaoba

Last Updated on May 24, 2024 by SPN Editor

Rajya Sabha MP Maharaj Leisemba Sanajaoba participated in the ritual at Uttra Shanglen, offering prayers and showering rice to Ibudhou Nongsaba and Ibudhou Pakhangba. He emphasized the importance of preserving, protecting, and developing the religious sites and Laifamlen of the indigenous people.

The time-honored Cheng Hongba ritual, a significant event in the Manipuri lunar calendar, was observed on the full moon day of ‘Kalen’. The ceremony, held this Thursday, involved prayers to Ibudhou Nongsaba and Ibudhou Pakhangba, seeking blessings for the prosperity of the land.

During the event, MP Leishemba Sanajaoba emphasized the importance of preserving and protecting religious sites and Laifamlen that hold significance for the indigenous people, stating that these must be preserved for future generations.

He further stressed that the Laifamlen, safeguarded by our ancestors, should not be ignored. The destruction of such sites should not be taken lightly. He expressed concern over the desecration of indigenous Laifamlen, urging the government to take stringent actions against those responsible.

The Member of Parliament called for stringent action against those responsible for the destruction of Laifamlen. He urged the State Government to take immediate and decisive action against these individuals to protect these invaluable cultural and religious sites.

In a parallel event, leaders of Sana Konung, led by Angom Ningthou, performed the Cheng Hongba ritual at the shrine of Ibudhou Nongshaba located in Mantak Kom, Kakching district. This simultaneous celebration further underscored the widespread reverence for this ancient ritual across the region.

Meanwhile, the Ibudhou Pakhangba Cheng Hongba ritual was also conducted at a location known as Ibudhou Pakhangba Lainingkol by Meitei living in Myanmar. This site is situated in the Tataley (Tadaley) village within the Amarapura township in the Mandalay region of Myanmar.

The Federation of Indigenous People’s Democratic Movement (FIDM) released a statement informing that the rituals were performed in collaboration with Pakhangba Lainingkol Mandalay.

The Meetei diaspora residing in Myanmar expressed their dissatisfaction over the desecration of Meetei religious shrines in the state. They conveyed their concerns to the relevant authorities, demanding the recognition of the Sanamahi religion as a minority religion under the constitution of India.

Furthermore, the statement from Ibudhou Pakhangba Lainingkol reiterated their demand for the inclusion of the Meetei/Meitei community in the Schedule Tribe list of India. This demand underscores the community’s desire for recognition and protection under the Indian constitution.

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