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MP Sanajaoba questions on rising kidney-related diseases in the Parliament

Last Updated on February 17, 2023 by SPN Editor

Manipur Rajya Sabha MP Leishemba Sanajaoba asked for the data for the number of kidney transplant patients till December 2022 in Parliament yesterday. Further, MP Sanaoajaba wants to confirm the report that there is a rise in chronic kidney-related diseases among the Manipuri youths. And also demands any survey reports for the same.

He also enquires whether there is an increase in the number of chronic kidney diseases among the youths of Northeast States who are under the age of 25 years. In case the number of patients rises, MP also asked about the causes of the increase in the diseases.

Manipur Rajya Sabha MP Sanajaoba further asked the Minister’s concerns through the Chairman of the Rajya Sabha regarding studies conducted in connection with chronic kidney diseases.

In reply, Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare, Dr. Bharti Pravin Pawar said that in 2022 the number of patients undergoing kidney transplantation recorded in India is 11,423. Dr. Bharti Pravin Pawar further said that there is no information in connection with the youths under 25 who have been affected by chronic kidney-related diseases as per records available from the National Health System Resource Centre (NHSRC).

The Minister also said that around 61.8 percent of the people affected by Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) died in India as per a survey conducted under the India State-Level Disease burden. Dr. Bharti further said that under the Pradhan Mantri National Dialysis Programme (PMNDP) the Health and Family Welfare Ministry has been establishing Haemodialysis centers at every peritoneal dialysis service and district hospital in all the states and Union territories across the nation.

The Minister said that for those hospitals without proper facilities, the MOHFW is making all efforts to accommodate the facilities to all the states and Union Territories under one nation one dialysis scheme.

The Health Ministry also launched the IT Dashboard (PMNDP portal) on May 5, 2022, and have provided facilities for registration with Kidney problem by using ABHA ID separately. The Minister also said that the portal is commissioned across the country.