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National Highways Blockade in Karnataka on October 10 for Cauvery Water Issue

Last Updated on October 5, 2023 by SPN Editor

Bengaluru/ October 05, 2023 (SPN) | Pro-Kannada activist Vatal Nagaraj has declared his intention to block all National Highways in Karnataka on October 10 as part of his ongoing protest regarding the Cauvery water issue.

He made this announcement during a gathering at Vidhana Soudha in Bengaluru.

Vatal Nagaraj, a former Chamarajanagar MLA, expressed his concern that residents of neighboring Tamil Nadu have been mistreating the people of Karnataka. Consequently, he has proposed blocking a highway near Attibele as part of his agitation

More than 20,000 two-wheelers and 2,000 four-wheelers are participating in a massive rally from Mysuru Bank Circle in Bengaluru to the Krishna Raja Sagar (KRS) Dam today. Vatal will organize a Kannada Union fair at the reservoir site of the Krishna Raja Sagar Dam, where black flags will be displayed.

Meanwhile, the President of the Kannada Chaluvali Vatal Paksha further highlighted the water shortage at the Krishna Raja Sagar Dam and criticized the government for its inadequate response to the dispute.

Blocking the National Highway is likely to have a severe impact on Bengaluru. On September 29, during the Karnataka Bandh, 44 inbound flights to Bengaluru were canceled.

Vatal has also sought the attention of Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding the growing tension between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu over the Cauvery water-sharing issue.

The water level in the Krishna Raja Sagar (KRS) Dam in Mandya district, Karnataka, is rapidly declining due to increased evaporation rates and reduced inflows, typical during the summer season.

In the month of July so far, Karnataka has experienced a 26 percent excess in Southwest Monsoon rainfall. This includes a 36 percent excess in rainfall along the coastal regions and a substantial 56 percent excess in rainfall in the northern interior of Karnataka. The Malnad area has seen a modest 2 percent excess in rainfall, but Kodagu has still recorded an 8 percent deficit in rainfall, and Hassan is 2 percent short on rainfall.

Moreover, the southern interior of Karnataka has witnessed a 5 percent deficit in rainfall, with notable deficiencies including a 33 percent deficit in Mandya district, a 20 percent deficit in Mysuru district, and a 33 percent deficit in Chamarajnagar district.

In June, the state faced a significant rainfall deficit of 56 percent in Southwest Monsoon rainfall. This encompassed an 18 percent deficit in rainfall in the southern interior of Karnataka, a substantial 55 percent deficit in the northern interior of Karnataka, a staggering 74 percent deficit in the Malnad region, and a notable 57 percent deficit in the coastal area.

The Krishnaraja Sagar Dam serves as the primary source of drinking water for Mysore city and a significant portion of Bangalore. Additionally, the water released from this dam is essential for fulfilling water needs in the state of Tamil Nadu.