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Tribal unity cultural festival begins at Tipaimukh

Last Updated on February 17, 2023 by SPN Editor

The Tribal unity cultural festival, (Ruonglevaisuo Unau Suopui), which aims to unite 26 different tribes settling across the northeastern states started at Tipaimukh (Ruonglevaisuo) in the Pherzawl district today. The festival will continue till January 14.

Manipur Governor La Ganesan inaugurates the festival which is also known as Unau Suopui Festival. The last day of the festival will be graced by Mizoram Minister of Tourism, Pu Robert Romawia.

In his speech, Governor La Ganesan said that different tribes are living in coexistence for the last four centuries. Organizing such tribal unity cultural festival will bring back those tribes living in the Northeast at a common platform for unity and bonding.

Governor also inaugurates the monolith of the unity festival.”Pherzawl district of Manipur needs the attention of the government as this district lacks behind other districts in terms of development, he added.

Tribal Unity Cultural Festival at Tipaimukh.

He also assured that issues like poor healthcare facilities, education infrastructures, connectivity, and banking system will be focussed to make the district develop in the coming days.

Former RIMS director Dr. L Fimate, who is the chairman of the festival committee, informed that the tribal unity cultural festival will unite the different tribes living in Mizoram, Tripura, Manipur, and Assam.

Dr. L Fimate further informed that Ruonglevaisuo, which is the actual name of Tipaimukh, is the confluence of rivers Tuivai flowing from Mizoram and Barak. Though the name is derived from here, the whole of Tipaimukh comes under Ruonglevaisuo.

The tribal unity cultural festival chairman recalled that a cultural festival was organized in 1994 to unite and familiarise all the tribes having the same roots, and further informed that 16 tribes from Manipur, Mizoram, Assam, and Tripura took part in the festival.

Tribal Unity cultural festival
Unau Suopui Festival in Tipaimukh.

While informing that Aimol, Anal, Biete, Chorei, Chiru, Chothe, Darlong, Hmar, Bongchor, Korbong, Hrangkhol, Kaipeng, Kharam, Koireng, Kom, Lamjang, Muolsom, Purum, Ranglong and Sakachek among others have identified themselves as people of Ruonglevaisuo, Dr. L Fimate said: “Now, we have discovered around 26 tribes settled across the northeastern states claiming Ruonglevaisuo as the roots of their origin.

By organizing such tribal unity cultural festival, we are trying to bring those tribes having the same roots, but have scattered across the globe for various reasons, together and unite them”. Stating that uniting the various tribes having the same origin but scattered at different places, through the festival will not only strengthen the bond of brotherhood and bring peace but will also promote cultural and mental integration.

Dr. Fimate revealed that the festival will showcase the different social and cultural songs and dances of various communities which will ultimately help in further enrichment of the cultural heritage of the different tribes. He also stressed the need to set up a cultural heritage center in Ruonglevaisuo and develop the area as a tourist spot.

Recalling that around 1400 AD, 28 different communities were living together in the Tipaimukh area (Ruonglevaisuo). However, the frequent attacks by Lushai tribes dispersed them to scattered in Bangladesh, Mizoram, Tripura, and other parts of Manipur. Organizing such a festival will unite the brotherhood who were scattered in the past.

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